Business Horizons

Media/Journalism Track



Not only does Business Horizons provide experience and career exploration for students on the business level, the program also offers a media/journalism track for students specifically interested in the media and communications field. The media track runs alongside the entrepreneurial-focused Business Horizons program and is sponsored by the Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

Students in this track will hear from experts in the fields of journalism and media while also joining the large group Business Horizons activities for additional fun. Students in the media/journalism track will create a website, design a newspaper, write and edit articles, maintain social media accounts and so much more! Students get a first-hand look at today's latest trends in the ever-changing field of journalism and mass communication.

In addition to maintaining social media accounts with photos, videos and updates, the media track students design and populate a BH Media Track website in order to keep parents and friends up-to-date on the week's events. To view this student-led creation, visit

The media team also gains real-world experience managing deadlines when they are challenged to write, design and publish a physical newspaper at the end of their week at Business Horizons. The publication features interviews with speakers and students, activity re-caps and industry team overviews. To view the 2016 final product, click here.

To apply for the media track, simply complete the regular Business Horizons application found on our website and check the box next to "I am applying for the Media/Journalism Track" on page two. Typically, a maximum of 10 students will be accepted to participate in the media track on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the media track is full, students will be placed on a waiting list and assigned to the regular Business Horizons business track.


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