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Business Horizons brings together young people, educators and business professionals from across the state to translate textbook theories into understandable business practices. Students learn what it takes to be successful from the classroom to the boardroom. Volunteers play an immense role in the success of Business Horizons.

If you are interested in volunteering for Business Horizons, please contact us or complete the "Volunteer Interest Form" below and a member of our staff will contact you.

Volunteer Roles include the following. Please click on the title of a role for more information:

Industry Advisors

Business professionals who volunteer to guide a group of 10-12 students for the week.


Professionals in the fields of banking, finance, marketing, etc. who volunteer to judge the student teams' work


Current or retired business executives or Small Business Administration (SBA) staff

Dorm Staff

College students or recent grads available to assist with evening activities and monitor the BH dorms.

Student Ambassadors

Business Horizons alumni who have applied and are selected to return in a leadership role.

WHO: Business professionals from various fields.

DESCRIPTION: Industry Advisors are the pilots of the Business Horizons program. These week-long volunteers guide and mentor each Industry (10-12 students) through team-building activities, the computer business simulation and the development of their product. Advisors support their team as they navigate their way through a series of challenges while fostering a positive team environment. The Business Horizons Industry Advisor program is one of the best professional development opportunities available anywhere, at any price. All materials and curriculum are provided.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1-day training in June; 1-day training on Saturday prior to the beginning of the week; Full BH Week: Sunday-Thursday, 7:00am-8:00pm



Infomercial Judges

WHO: Creative professionals in marketing, advertising, digital media, etc. 

DESCRIPTION: After preparing a complete media rationale, each industry team will film and edit an infomercial to get the word out about their new product. It is the job of our judges to score each team’s infomercial based on creativity, strategy, clarity and ‚Äčoverall effectiveness during the live showing on the final day.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1 day - 2-3 hours (includes training)

Investor Judges

WHO: Professionals in the fields of investment, finance and entrepreneurship.

DESCRIPTION: At the end of the week, students prepare and deliver a formal investor presentation with hopes of convincing the team of investors in the room that their company will be a good investment based on their critical analysis of the market demand, target audience, and profitability of the venture. Investors are given full permission to ask the tough questions to determine who is worthy of their investment.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1 day - 3 hours (includes training)

HR Judges

WHO: Human Resource professionals
DESCRIPTION: Business Horizons is all about allowing students to gain real-world experience, including how to prepare for a successful career and the steps needed to get there.  During the program, students participate in an interactive game challenging student teams to respond to questions on how best to prepare themselves for the working world.  As a judge, HR professionals provide feedback on the student’s responses on how to handle these real-world scenarios. 

TIME COMMITMENT: 1 day - 2 hours (includes lunch and training)


WHO: Business executives (current or retired) or SBA staff/volunteers

DESCRIPTION: Consultants help to keep the industry teams on the right track with their business decisions and the business simulation (MESE game) students take part in throughout the week. These professionals provide feedback on each of the ten simulation decisions, and lend their support to industry teams as requested by students or Advisors. 



Dorm Staff

WHO: College students or recent grads with Residence Advisor (RA) or similar experience

DESCRIPTION: Over 100 high school students emerge on a college campus and take up residence in the dormitories for the week. We need help to make sure everyone is happy, healthy and having fun all throughout the course of the program, including the “after hours.” These paid staff members assist Business Horizons staff with evening activities and monitor the BH dorm(s) in the evening.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Saturday (training & set-up) – Thursday morning; In-program Hours: 5:30pm-7:00am

Student Ambassadors

WHO: Business Horizons alumni from the previous summer

JOB DESCRIPTION: Student Ambassadors are the right-hand men and women to the Business Horizons staff throughout the week. They assist with recruitment and set up, run the business simulation, work with industry teams, greet speakers and guests and more. Staff and student ambassadors work diligently behind-the-scenes to ensure that every element of the program is executed successfully.

TIME COMMITMENT: Saturday (training & set-up) – Thursday (post-graduation)

Application Now Available!
We are currently accepting applications from 2016 participants wishing to return this summer as a 2017 BH Ambassador! To apply, students must complete an online application and submit a teacher recommendation form. For more information, click here. 

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