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Course Information. Exploring Entrepreneurship (1 semester hour). Students will explore the aspects of a new business venture including developing a product, crafting a mission and vision statement, branding the company, and creating business and marketing plans. Students will also execute a marketing plan, prepare an investor pitch presentation and participate in a business simulation.


What if I’m not sure where I will attend college?  The course is typically approved for general elective transfer credit at most colleges or universities, subject to approval by the receiving institution, just like any other college credits. Many students through the years have taken advantage of this opportunity. 


What do I have to do to earn credit? You can earn one college credit by successfully completing the Business Horizons program and writing a 7-10 page paper. You will receive the specific writing assignment and formally register for credit on check-in day.  Papers will be due to Central’s BH faculty coordinator approximately two weeks after completion of the BH program. 


How am I graded? This course is graded on a Pass/No Credit (NC) basis. Students are required to earn a ‘C’ or better to receive a ‘Pass’ grade. 


What is the fee? Only $125! Thanks to Central College and their commitment to the Business Horizons program, this fee is greatly reduced from the normal per credit hour charge. The fee will be payable to Central College (not to Business Horizons) and is due when you register. There will also be an opportunity for parents and students to register at Sunday check-in.


How do I register for Central College credit? Complete and sign the Central College registration form (mailed prior to the program) and turn it in at registration on Day 1 of Business Horizons, or mail it along with your $125 payment to: Registrar, Central College, Box 6400, 812 University, Pella, IA 50219. All registration forms and payment must be received at check-in on Sunday, July 15 or no later than Tuesday, July 17. Late registrations will not be accepted.



Specific questions regarding the Business Horizons college credit option may be directed to 

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