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Prospective Students

Business Horizons 2014 will take place July 20-24

Why you should attend: "I think every Iowa high school student should attend Business Horizons because it's one of the most fulfilling, productive and fun things you could choose to do during summer vacation. The week long experience at Business Horizons allows you to learn so much about business, leadership, working in groups, etc. while meeting so many new people and having an overall amazing time trying something different. I have experienced all of these things as well as watched other students have great experiences and grow as well. It is definitely a great program that I highly recommend any high school student attend. "Matt Winkleblack, Business Horizons and Ames High School graduate, current student  at Iowa State University


2013 Sponsors

Class of 2013 "Futures" Sponsors

  Fortune 5,000 Industry Team Sponsors


Managing Partner Sponsors

Angel Investors

Casey's General Stores, Dekko Foundation, DuPont Pioneer, Greater Burlington Partnership, Grinnell Mutual Group Foundation, John Ruan Foundation Trust,  Meredith Corporation, Roquette America, Sukup Manufacturing, United Equipment Accessories

Business Partners
Fort Dodge Family Credit Union, Kuder Incorporated

Venture Capitalists
Bank Iowa, CenturyLink, Marion County Development Commission

Business Horizons Student Sponsors
Agri-Industrial Plastics, Ames Chamber of Commerce, Dexter Apache Holdings, Iowa ABI Foundation, Iowa Credit Union Foundation, Leadership Iowa Class of 2012-13, Page County Financial Saving Association, Stellar Industries



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